Carpet Maintenance Tips for Pet Dog Owners

There is no doubt that we will compromise or restrict our pets to roam around the house freely engaging in pet-activities. They are our family members and have as much liberty to roam around the house as us humans. Yet, the activities should also be followed by maintaining a strong Carpet Cleaning regime by homeowners. Especially cleaning or carpets in the house.

Read On to Find Out Some Smart Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Hacks.

  1. Follow a No Shoe Policy –

    Our house develops its own ecosystem. Yet, it is mostly exposed to the outside environment involuntarily. Therefore, it is essential to limit the amount of dirt we bring inside the house with us by practicing removing our shoes outside our house, and every time your pets are taken out for a walk, their paws are cleaned with a towel outside the door so the dirt does not come all the way through to your carpet.
  2. Keep your Pet Hair Under Control –

    Carpets are the most exposed piece of furniture. Therefore most exposed to hair and with our pets shedding hair all over the place, you will need the right tools to get rid of them on the carpets too. Besides keeping your pet’s hair in check regularly, you can use lint rollers over their fur to remove excessive hair from their body. You will need a distraction for your pet in order to make that a success though.
  3. Get Rid of Their Poop and Pee Immediately –

    Most often than not pets are trained to handle their business outside the house. However, it is very much possible they miss nature’s call in all their innocence. When such accidents happen, make sure you act and act quickly to clean the area with a wet cloth or towel using detergent to neutralize the odor. Pet stain removal is also possible by using a solution of vinegar and water to eliminate the stain and reduce the odor. Quick action will also prevent your carpet from getting swamped further by bugs and mites that feed off of organic waste and carpet cleaning in Midland.
  4. Carpet Cleaning Stains –

    Carpet cleaning should be a daily practice to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt mites. You can keep the carpet a vacuum cleaner every day and schedule a professional to visit once every six months. Professional carpet cleaning is necessary when the foot-traffic on your carpet is more in your house.
  5. Pet Odour –

    There is no better hack than baking soda to remove pet odors. It has no side-effects and is Pre-friendly. All you need to do is run it gently on each corner of your carpet and leave it for 15 minutes before vacuuming it thoroughly.

Get Rid of Their Poop and Pee Immediately